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Karunesh Remedies is cGMP certified Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Pharmaceutical Intermediates Manufacturing and Exporting Unit, established in 2007, Located at GIDC Panoli, Ankleshwar (The Chemical Hub of India) of Gujarat, INDIA.

Karunesh Remedies continuously engaged in the developing Advanced APIs through R&D using innovative technologies, taking full advantage of our core competencies, equipment and facilities. Our innovative team of experts has a proven track record in: process development, process optimization and scale-up in a timely manner by knowledge of their superior chemistry and problem-solving skills coupled with our many years of experience, which help us in rendering value in terms of cost, speed and quality and we do so adhering to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

We also work with an efficient and professional team, which is market savvy and capable of adapting to the demands of the business. We concentrate on your requirements and entrust all your outsourcing hassles to our experienced hands for supplying High Quality APIs at Competitive Prices Complying with Stringent Regulatory Requirements.

We are undertaking following services.

  • API Manufacturing
  • Impurity Synthesis
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Custom synthesis and process development in lab to establish proof of concept
  • Scale up studies for any given process
  • Process Optimization
  • Regulatory documentation, including DMFs (CTD format)
  • Scale up production from a few kgs to tons


  • Highly Enthusiastic and experienced team with technical experience and expertise.
  • Benchmark quality.
  • Partnership and collaboration.
  • Focus on innovation by modernization and optimization.
  • Cost effective process development.
  • Continuous learning and knowledge sharing.
  • Environmental safety and social responsibilities.


Our company wishes to develop the international and domestic market with the masses of old and new customers together on the equal and mutually beneficial basis. With the frank and friendly attitude, we will welcome the traders at home and abroad to consult, invest and cooperate with us based on mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit in order to seek mutual development.



We are committed to norms and standards including ISO 9001:2015, current GMP and GLP compliance in action and spirit to provide excellence to our customers, accepting that committed delivery and quality creates durable competitive advantages to our customers.



Quality assurance systems of Karunesh Remedies are ensure that the Quality is built into products at development and manufacturing stages by appropriate design, equipment, facilities processes and comprehensively trained people.

Quality assurance department checks the observance of GMP guidelines and regulations during development, storage manufacturing, packing, testing and distribution, review of all product documentation before release for sale, support to DMF filling and prompt handling of customer’s queries makes us a partner of our customer’s choice.



We are committed to safety & health of our employees & a clean environment. We firmly believe that safety of persons, plants and products is as important as production, productivity and profits to this end, we will ensure that employees Work only under safe conditions.

We, with the co-operation of our Prudence pariah, will ensure good housekeeping, resulting in a safe and healthy workplace. We are totally committed for the well being of our employees. We consider their safety and health our prime concern. We also have an agreement with the local effluent treatment centers (PETL, Panoli) for further waste management. In addition, we have an active solid waste management program in association with the Ankleshwar (BEIL membership) We have also installed efficient scrubbing systems to control air pollution

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